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Me and some ppl from SM messing around

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Well its official, i have too much free time

34932187.jpg Here is SM-HAZJ grinding a tree

34931763.jpg I had to use SM-HAZJ car, mine kept blowing up :evil:

I need to stop hanging out with the ppl from SM


Never piss SM-HAZJ off, this is what happens


Well at least i got my revenge :twisted:

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hey, havent been in irc for a few days, but just so you dont think ive been inactive, ill let you know i have been in the essentrix server, dallas, alot. i have spent hours aday killin. im about ready to get back to my first love: stunting. just im me sometime guys.

people i have been killing on a regular basis:

BR clan (all of em)



ASJ something or other

and a bunch of other no name noobs.

watch out for that Jason Vorhes though. he means trouble.

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