Show me your Desktop !

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Don't let the icons fool you, I am running Windows XP.

It's about time I post my desktop.


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*double post* (sorry I didnt want to have 2 big pics in one post)

Here's my boot screen when Windows XP is loading up


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Bilder = pictures

Annat = Other

Spel = Games

Filmer = Movies

Musik = Music

As you can see I'm trying to keep everything in folders.


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lulz urs sucks. hey can I borrow your computer? i need to eh, test the peripherals...

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Mah Desktop

I bet you renamed that shortcut of MTA SA BETA just for that image lol

I gotta post my desktop yet, but most people wont be able to fit it on their screens :P

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there ya goes ;D

i know, lots of icons...

my dad told me that i shouldnt remove them because those programs could come in handy, but i wasnt allowed to click them either LOL, now im to lazy to remove em.

lots of the LAN remains too

- Dawn of war (illegal)

- Winter Assault (illegal)

- Battlefield 1942+2142 (copied xD)

and well lots of others :P

oh and the background is not really meant to be negative or anything, its just a music label i like very much(together with enzyme and industrial strength ;))

click on it to view full size

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Same wallpaper but different color - cool idea! Have to do something like that.. I'll (finally) post mine's when i get back home.

Why your image is scaled down (even after enlarging)?

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