Show me your Desktop !

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omg real spam ;)

Dude seriously... Either show us your desktop or do not post in this topic at all... I saw you do that numerous times and it is quite annoying. :(

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AMD Athlon 3800+ Socket 939 64bit Processor

1024mb RAM (2 x 512mb)

ATi x1600Pro 512mb PCI-Express

X-Blade case with 450w PSU

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because i feel like posting my desktop soon, and, i wounder what your guy's desktops look like

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Kamazy nice sig!

Am, not sure if your talkinga about the one i have now but thx. :P

Reminds me to post my new desktop.

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Don't let the icons fool you, I am running Windows XP.

It's about time I post my desktop.


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*double post* (sorry I didnt want to have 2 big pics in one post)

Here's my boot screen when Windows XP is loading up


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