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Show me your Desktop !


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Just gonna check if this works. I'll try to make the file as small as possible and the quality as good as possible. :)


I've got dual monitors so its hard to get a nice dual-wallpaper. (which I obviously don't have) The black-screen is actually showing a televisionscreen but I couldn't get a screenie of that. :P

Just try to inmagine that these two wallpapers are spread-out over 2 monitors. I'm also able to move my mouse-arrow from one monitor to another. :wink:

[EDIT:] A very high quality version can be found here

This is also a JPEG-format file but may still take a while to load, because both my desktops are at 1280 X 1024! 8)

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nice desktop NosGoth :D

I guess that tv-in is SA ;)

here's a pic of mine:


m00tage power!

and that little tv-in screen is not what I usually use, I have 2 monitors like Nos, but the other one is a tv. The SA screen is in full size on the tv, while minimized on the comp :)

edit: ah just deleted CS 1.6 I see :P

wee the forum is SO stretchy now :D

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I also play San Andreas on my left monitor! 8)

And I'm also able to put my television on my pc. Then I have 3 screens. :) But that's just useless since the TV-resolution is only 640 X 480. :P

LMAO, i do the same, u can set it up as a webcam too, so cool, my tv res is 2048 x 1536

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yeah I guess it's dependant on your gfx card how much res you can have on the tely :)

the conversion of first connecting the PS 2 to the tuner card, then clone screen from pc to the tv makes the quality a bit more worse, than just directly connecting the console to tv :P

wee but you can film :D

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