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spawn killing(classes and their spawn points)


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Spawn Killin seems to be the newest trend in mta.Almost every server that i recently played on either had a spawn killin fest at the docks or the airport.People seem to like to spawn either as sailor cause of his neat health feature and fair amount of weps and especially as mexican cause obviously he has stronger and more weapons at his disposal.Crusader seems to be the most balanced class in this version but its still weaker than the mexican and sailor in my opinion.Anyway,if your not going to change anything about the current classes,plz consider improving the spawn system though.I have no idea if this is possible but it would be much better to be able to choose a spawn from multiple points spread around the city (example:cop class either chooses to spawn at station one or 2 in downtown at a secure location,roof etc).Or at least add random spawns to every class so that we dont have to worry anymore about getting killed everytime we try to spawn at these locations.

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well if someone start spawn killing, move to a dfferent spawn =P

its easy to run away until you can regather ya hp/ammo etc.

the next trend i guess will be people /kill ing themselves instead of letting someone register a kill (dont do this, it is VERY weak)

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the next trend i guess will be people /killing themselves instead of letting someone register a kill (dont do this, it is VERY weak)

Yep that also happens alot lately.Like i said, i usually play as crusader or sometimes as one of the other two classes that i already mentioned before.Again,the crusader is very well balanced class and more of them should be like it.The other classes(robber,racer and cop) are pretty much useless in my opinion and its been awhile since ive seen anybody play as one of these,well unless its on real team/class based server.

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