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I m so upset

Guest Al Pacino JR

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excuse me if I m not correct but you are motherfuckers, I did believe in you and trust you when you said that the 0.3 was near,the first time you delayed I said nothing and I thought that it was normal...But know I know that you are fucking my face & the other 's GTA3 players face! And I will explain why...

you posted the message with the date of the realease 2 days ago...Fuck! if now you say that it s not ready you said that there was 2 days, that s bullshit! :oops:

I advise everybody to go and play to the other MOD http://www.guardians.ch/ggm/

delete my post if you want, delete me if you want, but you can t delete your fuckin shame when you lie to gta3' s fan, and the hit to your fuckin honor :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:

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There were this post (which is now deleted) an hour ago, where moderator or i dont care what a hell it was was saying that it doenst come out tomorrow, because it's DELAYED again, nobody likes to read this stupid bullshit about "we're going to release it on the next week, hehe or not blaah blaah"...

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NO! I am just saying TAKE IT EASY!!!!!!!! I am a coder/ programmer who has mass experience in gaming and mods. And I will tell you this - no one is paying these dudes a cent. So at least pay your respects.

If you have no funds invested in this project, then keep your negitivity to yourself. :roll:

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Why are you still posting this pointless crap about releasing every next fucking week, if you say you are going to release it on next week then you release it! Not half years later, i think i just go into my cave and come out after next new year, maybe you have then finally released version 0.3... Or not.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but none of you idiots have donated any money to the team, have you? THEN SHUT THE FUK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: ...

That isn't the point!

The Team say: tomorrow

The Team say: sorry, not tomorrow, in a few weeks

That's not a lie, because they think

"tomrrow is the release-date,

i write the code so fast "

Nobody says ( ok, the 1. Poster)




Ok that's the reallity but,

nobody knows "what's going on" :x ...

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Err.... everything ok with you? :roll:

Ok, i'm sad about the delay, but to hate the team because of this? That's not ok! U know, they're working for us on a multiplayer-mod for gta3... And this mod is freeware too! Now you should start to think...

And remember, you can't look into the future...

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Well i think the team is making a big mistake to give release dates and then to delay it over and over again. If you dont know when its going to work then DON'T give a release date!!!

Everyone is waiting for the mod so these reactions are very normal.


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  • MTA Team

after the rush for 0.2 we said : no more release dates . Now u are complaining because we delayed the release. The problem when u are developing something is that u can not set a release date. At a certain moment the progress can go verry fast and it seems like u are only minutes away of completion, and at that very moment u find that there is something wrong, that somethings screws everything up!. Everyone wha has ever programmed something (a program, website or even a macro) has had these momets. don't be angry at us, we can't help it. The dates we give are estimates.

A little history of 0.3b

A release estimate was made more than a month ago : IJsVogels shuttle blew up and the release was delayed. Ijs his work couldn't be done, but the rest of the team continued, and when there piece of the puzzel was done, they moved on. Now IJs is working hard but the puzzle has become bigger, there are more features, so it takes longer.

Last week, on thuesday i believe we said the release date for friday. There was a miner setback which delayed that, we can release tommorow, but it will be as bugga and laggy as hell, and every1 is gonna complain it doesn't work, now what do all u guys want : a working mod next week, or a mod that doesn't work tomorow?

Now all of u say : let's go to ggm, but BarnA doesn't know when his new versions comes out, could be next week, or next month so u can go today and when we release 0.3b, u will all crawl back to us saying : we were wrong, sorry we doubted, may we please have the beta, we promise we won't do it again.

We adults now this as the child syndrom!

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all of you..


...there.. i am happy!

Thread Fucking closed

Hear hear!

The mod is delayed, because they want to make it as good as possible... right? So let them!

If you want to bother someone, go to the TF2 site or something. Better yet, go bother the GGM crew. I've seen their site, and personally, I prefer knowing anticipated release dates, and the progress of the mod.

Suggestion to admin: ban these idiots.

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hem, you said that buggy and laggy as hell...well, do you think that in one week you will resolve the problem that you are working on for one month...I was thinking that the 0.3 was finish to put the exact date,If you wasn t sure,why you said 11.04.02??you just would put "maybe this week end"...

And about the kid' s behavior...maybe I am acting like a kid ,but I saw more this as an ecconomic behaviour, we try to get the best offer...

I think I can tell on everybodyes name that we were so upset whent we saw this topic as the Multiplayer in GTA is our dream...

I was considered you as right guys with the 0.1 & 0.2 release but I knew 3 multimod developper liar,so I was so happy to see that it worked,that s why when it was the first delayed I didn t say nothing,but know I begin to doubt and asking myself if a this mod is really possible...

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  • MTA Team

if u think it is not possible, then why are u bitching and wasting my precious time? go away then and return one day in shame ! and read my topics. programming isn't sience, its an art, u never now when it's finished. They promised unreal 2 in the summer of 2002, it was february 2003. A lot of bitching,a lot of doubts, but everybody played

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we don't ban unless absolutly necessary. Let them i say, they are only hurting there own image

"Respect is everything..." *gg*

After reading Blokker's post i can see the team's point more clearly than before... And i'm not as sad as before (huh, is that english? argh! *gg*), 'cause i know there will be a better version be, than it would be tomorrow. :wink:

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