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another small wish


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Hi again.. couldn't help recalling those nice times in older gta's i had placing hiding, stashing or dumping cars, also i kinda miss the wreck all cars in town times...

i other words..

suggesion a: longer timeout for replacing vehicles

suggestion b: alternate gammode; kinda like chairdance, but with cars,...kinda like last car standing, or im the car of the wooorld!..euh..so all people will ruin all cars in town, and the last player in a car won, with wrecks as frags:)....or so..anyway...gotta relogin..cya

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well, it does rasie a good issue regarding the car wreckage

i understand why the vehicles respawn instantly in the new versions, it's because the players would fall out of sync when blown up on others screens, but not theirs.

but i did so enjoy the element of the burnt rubble being used for cover in a battle, and evidence of the recent destruction that just went on.

maybe in the future, you guys can come up with a fix for the problem other than instant respawns, but untill then, i'm not complaining.

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i dunno, the only real gameplay elements that it changed are u using the burned rubble for cover, and small timing issues like being able to blow up a robber chopper, get killed, spawn, and get back up and jack em out of it before they can take off

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