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Ok I saw this on the front of a building in Vice City and thought it would be a good name for a Gang. The name is

"Roxor International PLC"

We have several Members and DJMills hosts our public Server.

Below are the members:


JCM (Me)



Zidane (I Think)



And here is the site:


Unfortunetely i've had to upload to Angelfire until we get a better host

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well since this gang seems to be dead let me be the first to say it, Rest In Pieces :twisted: ok so your probably not dead but i couldnt resist :P

Hmm ok then....

I'm uploading the clan site to a temporary host.

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre alive :wink: welcome back

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Welcome to yet ANOTHER GANG!

nah dude, we need MORE GANGS. seems like the gang scene is still rather small... but then again the gangs that are out there are good at what they do :P so i guess it goes both ways.

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