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Well what would a clan be without its own skin, before u release .3 , try to add the feature for the host to download everyones skin, and send to all clients, of course use some compression method to compress and then uncompress once at client, and some check to see if they got the skin or not and then everyone can see a clan in there own unifroms and looks!

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yea convert to jpeg. gzip compress, send to clients, unzip, convert tpo bmp, size should only be bout 23k or so and even a 56k can get that fast, and possibly make it the new guy has to wiat before joining till everyone has skin., and the host send it kind of slow to 56k, like in the client, put wat connection u have, the host sends the data at like 1k for 56k ppl ( normal for broadband), therefor the 56k wont get killed by lag. and once everyone has it, the client gets in. 26 56k ppl will only cause the host 36k of bandwidth, not too much, noting that most cable goes bout 50k+

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but then, what would the server do if the people refuse to dl it?

my idea is pretty good. people could optionally put the dl on their site, but it the person doesnt have the skin, itll auto dl. and if its chged but the filename exists, it renames and writes to an ini of a filesize for which img to use, ie, the old skin was 32k, then the clan updated to a 45k, the ini would have an entry for 32k skin by name of clan.bmp and know which file to use, or if its 45k to use that..

i know thats confusing, read it bout 30 times u might understand what im saying lol. a programmer should.

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This seems like the feature used in cs, but it could be done as a check-box integrated to the gta3mta console ("force skin download" etc.) in the server settings, couldn't it?

A skin's usual size is about 60kb :arrow: 200 kb. As for the 56k-ers this could take some time to download so the master of server should take this into consideration.

The other way to do this is to somehow compress the skin.bmp :arrow: and send it to the client :arrow: uncompress it. This should be possible from the client to the server and from the server to the client so that everybody would see each other's 1337 k33l skins :)

Any comments?

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