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0.2 vs 0.3b servers

Guest Travoli

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I got 0.3b downloaded, installed, and working yesterday. I got on ASE and found 3 servers for 0.3 under the GTA:MTA filter and LOTS for 0.2 under the Multi Theft Auto filter! Yikes, nobody was playing on 0.3b.

I tried to install 0.2 over 0.3b but ended up with the problem that shdocvw.dll couldn't be overridden. 0.2 ran but I couldn't connect to servers. I deleted the shdocvw.dll file (win98) through DOS and fried my windows install. OOPS! But that is beside the point.

When I get windows reinstalled here, should I go for version 2.0 because that is where everyone is playing online? Or am I missing something / doing something wrong on ASE?

Thanks! BTW I got running on a couple 0.3 servers, looked great. I just wish there were others playing. Thanks for all the hard work, developers!


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