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Becoming a member of the team

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I would just like to know if you guys need another programmer. I'm skilled at network, AI and DirectDraw programming using C++, C# and VB. I am skilled at OpenGL in C#. If you would even be a slight bit interested or need more information first, just ask. I would be 100% dedicated to making MTA better for the overall community.

Hoping and Praying


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For the community...

That was your first post. You haven't even shown your face to the community, but you send them letters asking for your acceptance.

I really dont understand it... talk, read, show your stuff, and let them come to you. At least thats my mindset, I dont know if it is theirs. Seeing someone's first post asking if they can code kind of lacks credentials for "helping a community" that you have not taken any part in, much less any proof of experience in the said (and repeated) choice of computer technologies and languages, does it not?

.....maybe one of the "team" whos "community" you want to "help" can put it into better words... :)

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I'm just putting my services forward. I've used every version downloadable of MTA, I love it, I'm experienced at network programming particularly security/encrypted streams and wanted to say I was here if needed. I don't want immediate access to source or anything like that. If you want to give me a test (pref. in C# as I've only got that part of VS .NET installed :-)) go right ahead.

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Well, I am not doubting you, just saying you aren't showing anything via that post.

Take part in the community and figure out what its about before you start wanting to code or help in any other major "team" fashion. There is much more than that. Again, just take a look at some of these posts.

I too enjoy MTA... but my first post wasn't asking to code their website backend or otherwise helping the "team" - I would like to know who they are and what they are about before even approaching them, but my style is to be approached, so thats their deal. But anyway... I hope you understand?

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ok "true", say the smartest programmer in the world finds mta and comes up to mta on their first post and ask to help...

You think they should be turned down cuz its their first post? and wait 4 months before they can help so they can prove there posting....

if they did that with the whole crew, wed still be on .003 of gta3:mta....

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dude you guys are being a little harsh wouldnt you say??? i mean seriously he might be a newb to the forums, but if he knows how to program as good as he says he does, then he should be given a chance. When someone comes forward and volunteers theyre services, give him the benifit of a doubt. you should at LEAST give him a chance. he is volunteering after all, hes not asking to go onto a payroll

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I am not saying completely reject someone. But if all of these coders came out of the blue and said "lets code i r l33t" and were accepted, what would that do to help any project, y'know?

Thats where I am coming from.

And the backend of the website: I am proficient in PHP, just a personal example.

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I say, the Team should decide wether or not he is acceptable instead of being rejeckted by someone who's not even a member. I think it is a good thing that he wants to help the team out.

i couldnt agree more :D

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I agree :)

For anyone who wishes to apply at this semi-late stage in development, you must have an extremely strong background in coding and offer something unique (which differs from what we already have).

We must see examples of your work and previous experience in some sort of a mod background is also a plus, but DEFINITELY not required.

We have to protect our assets and make sure we only have dedicated and talented people on the team, so it is hard to weed out the good from the bad.

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