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a real bobo

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im so SICK of hearing that STUPID damn word EVERYWHERE i go!!! same with the retarded l33t talking crap! like 0wned and pwned and pwnij crap, whatever that means! god im SO SICK OF IT. will people ever shut up, and use normal words. seriously the guy who started n00b if he's not already dead needs to be SHOT.

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Youve just got to realise, theres sad nerds in this world. Greasy, pimple faced nerds who think that gaming skills are all that matters :P

How one thinks that calling someone a new player is offensive, i dont know.

But anyway, its 99% of the time just some sad child who thinks hes 'hard' because he can sit behind his computer screen, insulting people, and not get hurt for it. Just wait until he gets into the real world :wink: .

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yes why thank you Mr.Bill(can i call you that?) i do like to post very intelligent(sp?) post on these forums(nice forums btw) so billy(if thats alright with you?) you play mta alot or just goof around on the forums telling people how unimportant(sp?) there post are or something else? Which one you have me bondering over the thought of it.

p.s. Dont ban me...

btw anyone street race(thats street racing in mta btw)...if so im me @ dennistehking for more info

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