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How to make a mod to mta sa.


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I dont know where to put this topic, so, please, dont delete it, or when u change destination, then PM me the new destinatin

Im pretty sure that in this forum are some 3d modelers.

So, i have some problems with saving .dff file. It keeps spaming error: "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined."

What i should do, also, i some of my models have been saved, and in mta, the 50% of textures aren't shown up, why ?

Im using sketcup, 3ds max, and the g-img.

I have made model in sketcup, exportit as a one group, imported in 3ds max, deleted the shematic view, and then try to save .dff file, and it says "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined."

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