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Nice vid. I really liked the stunts a lot. I don't wanna sound like a bitch, but there is and excessive amount of slo-mo used which is unnecessary. There is one slo-mo shot in particular that is slower than the others, and I was thinking "any day now". Also it makes the movie shorter if there is less slo-mo. Now what I would recommend if you like the slo-mo effect is to speed up the the shot till you get to the jump and then hit the slo-mo. It would kinda get that effect that is so popular in todays action movies. :lol:

However these are just editing technicalities the stunts in the vid are very well executed. :D

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hmmkay, first the official scoreboard:

stunts: 7,5 / 8-

editing: 7-

originality: 7

overall: 7,5

now, i wouldnt think i would say this, but i totally agree with gulag. while the stunts are pretty fine and i like the music, i had several moments in the movie where i was yelling 'GET ON WITH IT!!!!', cause we had to see yet another basic 360 that lasted half a minute. it strikes me as odd, that the entire vid tells us you KNOW how to master editing, yet you did not use it that much. most editing were cheap overlay effects, the slomo was overexcessive, and besides a few turning points in the vid there was NONE synching with the music. why?

ugh, it sounds like im bashing ur movie, but im not. it just seems ashame to me that the movie could've been a lot better! with some cutting, some synching to music and some more variation it could've been real nice. now it's just... nice..

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