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Do we have any politicians around??


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Well... I just had a first today! Instead of playing MTA i argued with some guy on political issues for like an hour striaght!!! lmfao!!! Anyone in to politics or world events? How do you guys feel about the things that are occuring? Well... if your man/woman enough to speak your opinions that is.

I think the war in iraq was a justified war, i do disagree on some issues but you have to think... you nor the biased news org. know what the president knows, i trust the commander in chief and will continue to do so! VOTE BUSH!!! (WTF NOT ARNOLD!!!) :roll:

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Sorry buddy but this is not the place to discuss this type of thing, mainly cuase not all will agree and BOOM you got a flame war and next thing you know it people are calling others poopy heads and it gets out of control

keep it on the irc if at ALL and not on the #mta chan either.. go to #spam

sorry but for the sake of saving time THREAD CLOSED

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