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OK, I have a quick question.

Are there other weapons available in the city except the ones you start with? Some guy just told me that there was a Flamethrower and I've seen someone using a rocket launcher about 3 days ago. . . the guy with the flamethrower said you had to use a helicopter and fly somewhere or something, I kept telling him to prove me wrong but he was just like "I won't show it to you asshole!".. blablabla.

So yeah.. are they cheaters or am I wrong?

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nightcom, if you wernt a n00b you would have done a search for weapon locations like it says befor you enter the forums...

as you so eligantly put it "some people should be shot"

you were an asshole to that guy asking how to be a passanger, he didnt read the manual, and you didnt read the disclaimer, maybe you should put some thought into thing's befor you open your mouth.. how did you put it? PWNED!!

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