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Im back with more FREE server hosting!

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I have to agree with Anderl as you really should state what methods the user would have to manage their server should they take up your services?

FTP access

Control Panel

these are some of the main things they would require, also is your server hosted from your house or other?

specs of the server would be helpful for ppl to decide.

Also why would a host provider provide scripts etc?

Forgive me if am wrong but wouldn't the person who would take up your services provide their own?

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hey KFC LEADER ! ;D i have heard a lot of good things from your clan :) keep up the good work :)

anyways about the hosting.

i am a Stealth player and i would love to have a free hoster to host my server for me !

my clan name is |TSA| and that stands for Tactical Stealth Assassins :)

can u also give me the ftp ? i would really appreciate it .

so lets top it all up

Server name : |TSA| Clan Stealth Server

Scripts : i would love a few scripts and i could let u know when we have the server up and running :)

Admin rights : this would be useful mate as i have ranks in my clan :)

and also one last thing . what are your specs and can u keep the server up and running 24/7 ? if not i could skype u when i see u and u can start the server :D

Thanks mate i look forward to hearing from ya :)



Skype : izymta

servers i play on : [GCC] Stealth Server ( you can also contact me here if u wish )

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hello Friend,

i hope you will free host server for me i dont 100% but i want Server my own server host. Im looking its for before 1 year pls i want a Free server you dont goig to beleive me its my Dream. I want my server online 24/7 and just i will admin on It i will tell you more if you really want to help :D. I dont have money to order a server :cry: . Please add me as a freind on skype.

Thank You

your Freind


Skype : zain.sadar1

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