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a "error downloading requested files" kind of problem.


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hello there.I'm not sure if creating the topic in the right thread, so if not, please feel free to do whatever you want with it, but help me out first.

i'd been toying around with my local server, everything was fine 'till i decided to play this map:

/viewtopic.phpf=38&t=38693&start=0 (it's claudio's alien experience if you're too bored to click da link) and then i had to see this:


no matter what i did the result always seemed to be the same, there were always some files missing. i mean, how's that possible? if deagle and some other guys'd confirmed that this map worked alright for them, then there're can't be any problems with the map itself, right? so my question is: "what is my problem"(i know it sounds corky, don't mention it)? what have i done wrong and what should I do to get it working?

yeah, so please answer to me asap and thanx in advance. peace out.

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are you arezu from sw team? glad to finally meet you, I've heard a lot of good things about you.

yes i am, and who told you about me? :3

Thom, Simon, Passord and some other guys. :)

remove the directory in .zip

Example :

.zip/files = ok

.zip/directory/files = fail

thanks! have you read my pm message?

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