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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3 released!


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CIT made history again, CIT scheduled the time to break the 1024 players peak, the rewards were 2 million and 1 week of VIP, We broke the 1024 players break at 7th april of 2012 but for some reason it reached to 1028 players.

Congratulations to Arran and his Staff team

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lol, You got to admit, it's an MTA history...

I think he should be allowed to post it on the Forum... but not in this topic

Anyways, I think that was great...

No more discussion about CIT here

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why would you repeat something capy aldready said? It's like reading a newspaper with the very same article. A waste of time.

Also, I'm just going to throw this in here due to a countless amount of posts where you:

Backseat Moderation (Mini-moderation): Moderate someone while not being a moderator. People find it annoying & it's nnot your job, and I'm sure many more finds useless posts annoying too, I know I do.
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