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VCS, VCA, VCK, VCP, SM. Mini-league details.


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yeah i was out of action last week had me GFX card go on me cause all kind of troubles managed to borrow one for the week so im all ready for action now so hopefully if all goes well tonight, keep your eye out for me in Vice cause if you blink you'll be dead!!!

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we could always skip this week and just do this weeks matches next week, or during the week. we would have to speak to mr bump and the other 2 clan leaders.

parker has been promoted to leader and will trying to get a team sorted for us tonight, he will keep u all informed

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You know i have a question that i would like to ask dealer publicly,

-u started this whole thing, and u still havent organized half of it, not yet have we had servers to play on before the last minute, or anything along those lines so this brings me to my question dealer.


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eh chill man i had a busy week

its not just down to me, all the leaders are involved as well

what were the results from the weekend and i will update it, as for organisation, we need all the leaders to decide anything and it seems hard to catch everyone together to discuss things, but we all are trying to sort something better out

like a set schedule

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Hey guys I just wanted to say sorry if I sounded like an ass last Saturday. I usually use vulgar words but I don't really mean them. I was just joking. I think the majority of you played well.

If you're wondering about that comment "Lets see thoses bitches back out now", I was just saying that because I stuck a car in the elevator which meant you couldn't get back out of the building once you went up the elevator (because the car blocked the teleport area in the elevator).

I didn't even think about what impression that would have on VCA. I kinda got the impression you weren't even listening since barely any chat from VCA appeared for the first part of the match. I thought you guys were talking in IRC at the moment.

Once again, sorry if I sounded like an ass. I apologize for any comments that seemed or felt offensive towards VCA last Saturday.

- {VCP-Ransom}

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