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They are a fun way to express yourself and having them forced to the frankly lame "experienced one" or "crazy poster" is just irritating.

Free member titles for all - and don't make it dependant on post count either, because that would just promote spam. Personally, I'd get rid of your progress bar thing too because they encourage spam too. I know, because we removed them from GTAForums ages ago and had a marked improvement. :)

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What you ask is impossible in phpBB, and i won't make or search a hack for it. And doing it ourselfs is impossible. There are over 5500 board members

WTF? Enabling members to change thier own member title should just be a checkbox in the Admin control panel. It is with *proper* forum systems anyway. :?

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Ya, but then I'd be able to call myself a moderator! (Of course, I am one, just some one seems to have forgotten to fix up my title).

That might be a problem as there's no member group displayed by the avatar. Urgh, the data that's been set to be displayed shouldn't be post-related either, quantity never indicates quality.

Custom member title, avatar, member group. That's what's *really* needed so people can put their gang position, avatar and have thier member group displayed to all. That way there'd be no risk of moderator faking and wouldn't be so much blatent spamming to increase post counts.

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Why dont we just like totaly ingnoe this post? no im jk

custome titles can be good at times, but not for all maybe if you reached a certain post count but not before

and yes we know hungry poster and such arnt that great, but we could all just change it to like "n00b, n00b, super n00" and yadda yadda dna be even like MORE lame :)

personnaly I just think All super mod's should have YOUR GOD written in big bright gold letters, so everyone knows. :)

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personnaly I just think All super mod's should have YOUR GOD written in big bright gold letters, so everyone knows. :)

And the lowly Moderators? :D

YOUR GOD in lowercase gold letters :P

rofl! I forgot about that post, but yeah i stick by my words.. and ransom has the right idea :-D

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