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For the MTA staff, official bug.


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I have been playing in many a server, and in each and everyone i cannot "hurt", by that i mean shoot and hurt another player.. they tell me im not aiming at them. but im auto aiming... and ive asked other players about this and they have experienced it as well.




40gMaxtor 7200rpm

500kps Cable...

so i dont think its my conn or my machine.

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i think he means auto-aiming as in leading his shots to compensate for any lag (or bullet time, which gta:vc doesn't have).

ya, i have cable too and you can shoot and try and hit all the people you want, but if they aren't sync'd then it don't matter. i guess someone else can explain it better...

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i can never hit anybody either. i tried chainsawing, molotov cocktails, machine guns on one guy and he didnt even lose 1 health. and he killed me. and sometimes i see people swimming towards me on the ground, and i cant hit them. its so messed up! my ping is like 100 too!

and sometimes when i run into people its like running into a brick wall, i get sparks coming out my car and i dont do damage.

ps they should put in some seaplanes to spice things up. and boats. i am bored with vc!

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I have noticed this as well. Part of it I can describe as this:

In GTA:VC, when you are hit with bullets, you are knocked off for a second before you can fire again. When firing at your target, this happens to them instead of you - so they can't shoot back at you. But on their computers they are shooting at you, and you are being knocked back - so no bullets are coming from you. Nice tradeoff, huh?

The bugs with running into people is probably due to syncing and latency, if you keep rushing forward you might run them over.

What I currently can't explain is throwing molotovs at people and having them not burn, throwing molotovs at cars and having them burn, but then not explode, killing people but having them come back to haunt me from where I killed them, etc...

It seems health is dependent on the client, and not the server - the server isn't complex enough (at least at this point in time) to be able to know this and compensate for this, that may be worked out in the future. If it was dependent on the server, regardless of being "knocked back," people would take damage, and there would be many a kill as compared to now... at least potentially.

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there better be a multiplayer mode included for the next Grand Theft Auto, this mod has way too many issues like:

- impossible to hit anybody, no matter how much damage i do, they still have full health. its not my computer or internet, its this mod that has problems

- i cant tell if a person is dead or not, they are still standing.

- people SWIMMING on the ground towards me. this is retarded.

- people causing it to CRASH, or it just CRASHES randomly for no reason

- a lot of things dont work like hunter missiles, boats

- no walking animations

- lag even though im on a good server and i have 100 ping

- there is friendly fire which has to be turned off because people are dumb

- everytime it crashes when i go back to windows there is an echo to everything and i have to restart to get rid of the echo

there is probably more maybe somebody else can continue. and if youre saying "if you dont like it then dont play", that's what im doing. im going to go play some other great mods for other games, made by people who dont earn money for it and do in their spare time like the mta team, which are 100 times better, like URBAN TERROR.

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hmm, well if you guys want to take out joystick support then thata aload cuaes thats all i use is a joystick. crap ransom thats what you just said... me think that they are not wanting joystick support, well theere weeding it off little support by little, saying its unfair, to keyboard users what a crock. fuck a joystick isnt made fora pc anyway. anyway, i think that a keyboard with a mouse is unfair, but wth you cant tell cause of lag;jerkiness, wtv. if a keyboard user wants to use auto aiming, if yall want i can tell ya how to take out th aanlalog next weee

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What I currently can't explain is throwing molotovs at cars and having them burn, but then not explode.

i beleve molotovs (sp?) do damage to cars like a gu nshot would, one gun shot doesn not kill a car meaning one molotov woudl onbly do so much damage and if the car is in mint condition one molotov wouldnt blow it up

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