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To whom it may concern

I have really no idea who your program manager is but as the team as a whole, is lacking some major complaints to a Team or Group. I am glad the here that the team is getting more organized in its efforts for the Multi Theft online application. The things that I would like to ask is; Does the application have an outline of what is to be done?

I know that this can be a little vague in description. Let me try to explain. When I have any new Idea I write done an outline of what I want to do, how to do it, what I will need to get each thing implemented and then write down in detail of what is to be done and then I have a better Idea of what needs to be done in order and able to check off what is done and what is next.

As far as the client and the server admin programs I think it’s a great idea and I applaud your team for taking the initiative in doing what Rockstar games did not. The problems I have with the programs is how they are released. I would think that you have a beta test team gathered but in retrospective, I do not think that the beta team you have, is doing a such a great job. A few days from release the latest client showed major bugs that should have been address before released. I and others would agree that smaller bugs are common but major ones make more of a hassle for the team or group designing the application.

My advice would have to be to get a better handle of what your end result for the program is to be. In detail, write all of the end results down and work back wards to what you need to do to get your end result. Then you have a better outline of what needs to be done first and what needs to be done next.

Second, is to gather 5 to 10 people for beta testing. The people in question would have nothing to do with the development team but soul purpose is to beta test with the team and work out problems and decide on fixes. The beta team should be comprised of a wide format. I would suggest computers that can run GTA VC from 800Mhz to 3.0 Ghz. And design a contract that would prevent a member of the beta team to divulge information or redistribution of said program application. Requirements should be strict with a database of actual home address and phone numbers and people that are mature enough not to get upset at the littlest thing.

Thank you for listing to this post.

If you do take this or part of this post to interest and have anymore questions you can contact me at:

Jason Garrett


I think the team is doing a great job with what they have to deal with. And thanks again.


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  • MTA Team
A few days from release the latest client showed major bugs that should have been address before released.
How the hell coudl you know what was happening days before the release? You are just gessing.

Before a release we do tests with people we hand pick. In the last days we test onn 50 to 60 different machines and no major bugs ever show up. We don't have a lab and we can't test every hardware/software combination.

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  • MTA Team

Thanks for your advice, but i think it's not necessary to put up contracts since this is just a free software, non-profit beta-stage organisation and not really commercial. We're trying to organize everything as much as possible with the next release..

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