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[STEALTH]1st MapPack by ElektroNIK [9 maps]


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Hi! Today I show to public my first mappack. All this maps i made in 2010 for stealth mod and some of them you can see on GTA.ru Stealth server. If you find some bugs - you can fix it on map-editor but please don't change map copyrights. Map list:

sth-elektronik (good balanced map for playing >3*3)

sth-smokie (normal map, good for playing >5*5)

sth-roof (small map, good for playing >2*2)

sth-assaulth-2010 (nice map from CS, good for playing >3*3)

sth-long (good for >3*3)

sth-hello (big map, good for playing >5*5)

sth-motel (good for playing >5*5)

sth-porn (big but balanced map, good for playing >5*5)

sth-rush (small map, good for playng >3*3)

Links for downloading:



----------------------------------YOUTUBE !!!-----------------------------

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