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please...HELP!! It doesn't work!!!

Guest gotcha!

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I'm Italian and my English is not so good but I will try to understand you anyway!

I'm trying to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice city in Multiplayer but I can't reach to.. :x

I downloaded and installed correctly MTA client software but I don't understand how it works!!

when I launch MTA:VC software it opens a windows... On the left appears a windows which says "player list (o/o)"..

On center another "chat" and on the right the "game information" and "client & server information".


The "host" box is blank and I DON'T KNOW the name of the host to write inside! What does I have to write in "host" box??


the "port" box is presetted to PORT 2003 and I suppose it's OK

the "pass" box is blank.. .Do I need a pass to log on???

the "nick" box is blank too.. and here I suppose I have to write my nick..

Please!! I don't know where find the "host" for joining!!

Thank you very much!


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The host that you have to fill in is the ip of the server you want to join , use ASE(allseeying eye) to find servers , or go to irc (mirc required) and go to #mta-servers

ASE can be found in dowloads page i think and u can get to #mta-servers tru cliking the irc button on mta' main site to the right side just scroll down a bit and then going to klik on #mta and then join #mta-servers.

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