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ClanZNetwork.com | Best hosting solution in Latin America

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ClanzNetwork.com provides you the best hosting solution in Latin America, With servers in Chile and in United States, you don't need to worry about lag.


We have been in the hosting business since 2007 (Known as Clandestino.cl), we have learned a lot from errors and now we can say than we have a good support and trusted. (Not 24/7 but good, the customers can confirm this)


- Auto-Restart (In case than your server crashs)

- Control Panel (Fully control of your server)

- Sub-Accounts administrations (In case than you want your friend to manage the server)

- 1Gb of Connection (NOTE: In Chile we offer 1Gb of connection Nationally)

- Fast-Download

- No Hosting Tag (You can put to your server the name than you want!)

- Machine specs:

Intel Core2Quad Q9450 12Mb Chache 8Gb Ram DDR2 / AMD Phenom II QuadCore 955 8Mb Chache 8Gb Ram DDR2

You can see the prices and more info here: ClanzNetwork.com

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