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Future of GTA3 Development


Would you want MTA for GTA3?  

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  1. 1. Would you want MTA for GTA3?

    • Yes, i would install and play GTA3 for that
    • No, i think you guys should focus at VC

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  • MTA Team

I'm setting up this poll so we can get some information about if you guys still like GTA3 and would play it if there would be a MTA version for it

Developing support for GTA3 also requires work.. what i mean by that is that we can put it in one MTA (so 1 MTA for GTA3 and GTA:VC), but that we need more time to complete..

We just want to know this to see if there is still interest in GTA3..

My opinion is that GTA3 is still an interesting game. I like the Liberty City islands, especially in Multiplayer.

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i'd like GTA3 only for the first island.

the other 2 are sort of lame... the second one is a bit alright, though

as far as cars, I like GTA3's style of cars..

but GTA3 is horribly demanding on my system

it takes like 1 minute to load completely...

VC takes like 20 seconds

MTA would have to not crash *AT ALL* for me to play the GTA3 version.. because i'm not going to wait a minute or more each time the thing crashes

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Well i cant vore, cause my opinion is not there , well what i think you sahould do is make gta 3 and gta vc one mta , but i coudnt uunderstand iff what IJsVogel said is that they cant do that or somethign, but this is my opinion.

Any future versions supporting both games will be handled within one single Client. So you will be able to play both GTA3 and GTA:VC within a single Client, but the game that you will be playing will be dependent on the Server that you are connected to (and the game they are running).

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I voted yes. I still like GTA3 a lot, possibly more than VC even. Sure, the lack of motorcycles and heli's is a pity, but there is the Dodo. Furthermore, Portland is just a kickass map and Staunton Island is allright for good road racing. And in GTA3 the cars handle a little bit more realistic.

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Well i play both, but personaly i think GTA3 is a lot better then VC. VC is to bright and they lost a lot of the evil, criminal aspect. But that is for sp. Mp on the other hand it could go both ways. What i mean is it could change depending on how the mta team decides what features to add. Personaly i think that they should work on both, just so the needs of the gta player are met. But if the mta teams develops a good stable mp game for gta3, i'd probably uninstall VC. Even if the only game mode is death match, because when it comes down to it thats all gta was ever ment to be, a ffa, and kill every thing that moves. But this is only my option.


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i would really like to see multiplayer in both, but at the same time i dont want to see the development of vc mta suffer because of it. so its in a grey area as far as im conserned.

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I'd rather be playing an improved version of GTA3:MTA.

Just because VC 'has the coool bikes and the choppers',doesnt mean people aren't going to play gta3.I 4 1 have been waiting a long time for a GTA3 improvement.I prefer upgrading MTA on GTA3 to the same level of VC.

If you're going to upgrade gta3,at least do it to the level of vc first.Like MTA client.1 for both.Same inproved netcode! :evil::roll::evil:

i think that the mta team should focus more on mta vice city because i dont think mta gta3 can live up to the standards of mta vice city 0.2 EVER and i rekon gta3 mta will be a waste of time because most ppl will be playing mta vice city NOIT gta3 mta! :roll:

Not acusing u of nothing,but I guess you don't have GTA3.. :roll:

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