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LC uses the same models as SA, so just replace ids in the .map file with SAs ids.

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Thanks, it work :D You know how to change all "5553" to "1315" etc. or do everything manually ?

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Tomorrow I'll write a script to automatically do it (You just need to make sure to save the map as a .map file for this to work)

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Linux support!

Recent changes to Scene2Res and dependencies have added Linux compilation support. Thus I want to share it with you guys.

Linux only download:
Windows only download:

Some people have noticed me that they could not download from, thus here is a mirror:


How to compile on Linux

First execute the following commands in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install g++-7
sudo apt-get install codeblocks
sudo apt-get install subversion
cd ~
subversion checkout scene2res

Then go here to setup your Code::Blocks for compilation. Now continue with the commands...

codeblocks --build --target=Release build/scene2res.workspace
mv obin/linux/Release/scene2res bin/scene2res
cd bin

Now you should have a terminal with Scene2Res set-up in the common run location (contents of a downloaded zip archive). Have fun!
You can execute scene2res using...


Of course, you can simply use the Code::Blocks GUI interface to build Scene2Res. But that ain't the fun, rite? :P

What is new?

Nothing really noteworthy. The whole implementation of my modules has received a huge facelift over time.

- Martin

Edited by The_GTA
fix for compilation steps

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Two things I'd highly recommend you do are -

#1 switch over to the rotation formula I sent you through PM (Helps a lot with accuracy)

#2 Make it so it checks if the model exists in default SA first, and if so use SAs built in model; this helps vastly with stuff like traffic lights, physics and performance.

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could not find object def for 'new_bushsm'

dff file : new_bushsm.dff

txd file : gta_proc_bush.txd

without col 


files on /resources

and he show this message

could not find object def for 'new_bushsm'

please help me

Edited by Hani2001

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