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Gang Taunts


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I was just a cop, and i thought how cool would it be if i could press a button and the cop soudn saying Freeze would come up

In SP police and other gangs say things when you go close? at least ithink they all do

so if you could have the police for example say things, press F1 and it would say "freeze" i've forgotten what they are since i an't played sp in aaaaages, also if you could do the same with the cop car, or all the cars but make the cop car into a normal car, i mean with the radio

then F1-F4 in car would send that to all the same cars regardless of who is driving, so if there are 4 cop cars 3 cops in 3 and then 1 robber has the other the robber would still hear it just like in real life, in car could be, man down, or all units to report in, or something like that, or units relocate to, then have a pager pop up with the destination? or show it in the chat box

the car thing may be a bit far, but ithink the other taunts would be cool :)

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