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strange fps


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i had the fps limit on 30, then there was no lag untill 12+ players connect,

i changed it to 70, nobody have lag now, but when i connect with my pc i have much lag, others dont,

when i connect on the laptop, i dont have lag,

laptop and pc are both quatcore..

is there a way to leave a laptop 24/24 on for only hosting the server? without the laptop getting overheated?

then i will be able to play with my pc on the server without lag, for myself or for others

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I remember having a special board that fitted easily under my laptop, and you would plug something into a USB port and it would cool down the laptop.

It costs though.

hmm i can look for that, the laptop is maybe one week old, so it all should cool off fast then with such a board,

but, how much does a dedicated server costs? do you know that? then it would all be much better i guess?

is it normal btw that when i host and play on the same device, that i get lag when fps is higher?

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