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Sick Thing On St Motel

Guest Xube

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first of all, why do I always see arrow on top of that building? You just mentioned something about it.

Also, When I go to that building at 11pm, The lights turn on like this:


Thats very nice, however at 12pm more lights turn on fading away the picture.... I was waiting for the stuff to come out the top of the building but I never had that... What happened??

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[xNet]DrDre, Netscape is so much better then IE, it's as fast as IE but has lots more functionnality :P

Have you tried Opera? It's the shiznit. :)

The people on the roof are supposed to be there... it's part of MTA. They aren't actually players.

You know at the starting, with the character selection screen? The models that you select from are up there, standing in a row :)

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i have get on top of the building that is right across from the ppenis building wait till 23:00 get out ur sniper and get a good veiw of the top of that building.keep looking and ull see come out

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