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No custom rims




Well i see my custom rims in-game without any textures (just white). In Single-Player they work well. I guess its a problem with edited veh_mods.ide since MTA dosent allow custom files (well it does, but if you enable option you cant join any servers).

If theres a way to fix that, pls tell me.

(dont tell my to delete veh_mods.ide and restore default rims, becouse i think i would already done that if I would want to)

If theres no way to fix that I would like to be fixed in next update (If MTA allowes costom vehicles, why no costom rims)

If thats not possable, then tnx for reading anyway.

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MTA shouldn´t even allow a custom gta3.img, but then that would go against a lot of stuff. vehicles.ide can be used as a way of tweaking a car's handling and properties, which is why it is not allowed

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