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Help. I'm getting muffled sound FX


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I installed an audio player called Foobar2000 and now GTA's sound FX have faded out. Turning the FX volume to maximum helps a little, but the sound is still very distant and muffled. For example, i can barely hear the weapons fire. But oddly, the music and mp3 sound is just fine!

Yes I've uninstalled the Foobar2000 application, and reinstalled GTA:VC and MTA, but still the problem remains.

Wtf can i do short of reformatting my drive?

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Yep, it worked! I uninstalled my nForce2 drivers and installed the latest drivers. No GTA sound FX problems now. :)

Also, Foobar2000 sounds way better than Winamp. I'm gonna try installing it again, because it could of just been the fault of the old audio drivers i had.

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