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No, it's not hard to fly the Dodo without help of trainers or modifications. Just practice on the runway of the Airport. Get some speed, and keep tapping the Dodo down key, to keep the plane on the ground for as long as possible, to gain as much speed as possible. Then, if you have made enough speed, press the Dodo down key one time more, only just slightly longer this time. You might scratch the road with your nose/propellor a littlebit, but that's not a problem. Release the Dodo down key, and watch the plane shoot into the air. Now for the most important part: KEEP THE PLANE LEVELED! So press Dodo down key to do this. When the plane is leveled, it will want to make little dives. Don't worry about it, this is normal. IF THE NOSE OF THE PLANE IS POINTED UPWARD FOR TOO LONG, THE DODO WILL STALL, and you will drop almost straight down. To prevent this, press or tap the Dodo down key. So basically, all you need to keep the thing flying is the Dodo down key and the forward/gas key. After some time of practice, you'll be flying all over Liberty City, making loopings, flying underneath bridges, and even under water! (well those things are pretty hard to master)

If you become a dodo fan, and want more action in a Dodo, then look for my dodobomber mod on http://www.gtareactor.de

Have Fun y'all

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