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STICK THIS THING if its laggy this should help

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k this is a link to spyware remover its free and it does help, it reduced my ping up to 300!! (it was 600+) in MTA ur ping should be about 150-250 if its higher its laggy u all know it so:

http://www.xblock.com/download/xclean_micro.exe or

http://spybot.eon.net.au/index.php?lang ... e=download or


hope it helps

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Ad Aware Pro 6 build 181 = The best damn protector

It has a computer searching AND gives you an internet watcher to stop any more of that crap from getting on your computer.

(Note this costs money and its very hard to find users with build 181 on Kazaa! Not to mention getting a serial for it.)

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Ya i get that too, except i get it in every game.. no matter how much i shoot the guys they arent affected.. they say im not "aiming" at them.. but my auto aim is right on them.. point blank.

and i have above 256kps cable.. so its not my lag.. my ping is usualyy 30-60 in servers..

Not in one server have i killed a player yet because of this? must be bug?

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nop the guy fired at me, and after i die, he said he isnt cheating so strange bug, it seems that it append with the m60, cause when a take the shotgun this blow off the buddy :c)
i ran around the player shooting him and i killed him and he saind i was just standing there and i laugh.
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