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Can people using ASE see my MTA server behind router?

Guest ng_tim

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Hello all! I'm a new comer for this discussion board. I want to ask something related to router and MTA...

As my home has 2 PCs, I am using a router to share the internet connection. Last night I turn on my MTA 0.2 server and asked my friend to come and play together (by telling him my IP). After we played for about 1 or 2 hours, still no people join my server, but that's strange becuase that time should have many people come on and play MTA...

So I wonder that if MTA server behind router cannot be listed on ASE? Or, if yes, is there any way to solve this problem?

Thx for answering my question and hope u all have fun on MTA. :)

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Depends on the router. Thompson/Alcatel has webpages for the setup. The gameserver is dedicated marked as server and it works. ACE times out most of the time but so far my server managed to sign up every day since the release.

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