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Nemesis' Last Ride - A Stunt Video for my sister

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I lost my sister on Sept 7th 2003, this is a stunt video I put together from all the replays I found on her PC. I put it together in one sitting, I guess it was my way of dealing with the void.

This is my first time editing a video so please pardon the odd transitions.

Its at http://chaoswolf.net/nemesis_last_ride.zip

Dont bother to visit my homepage yet, there is only a "Space Holder" there. I the future I will post more stunt vids.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as she enjoy playing GTA:VC and MTA.

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thats such bullshit. that sounds like a way to con ppl into seein the movie

it is not b.s. i saw him talking about his twin sister before what happened. there are better ways to con ppl like sayin' that it is the best movie ever and it sux or linking to a virus or something.

watch the vid and you will see that it rocks! judge after you've seen it.

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Thx for the kind words from those of you that send them and to those of you how were not so kind....thx also. You see I really dont care if you believe or not, I made this video for one reason and one reason only, so people could watch her do what she enjoyed doing the most. All we ever really know about most of the people we meet online is what we see and read on a monitor. There are a few people she loved to play MTA with and the video lets me and them remember her doing what she loved to do.

Enjoy the video how ever you wish.

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soz about ur sister bro.. i havnt wacthed the movie yet, i think its a great thing what u've done, she would be proud :)

i might sound rude... but what did she die of, dont reply if u dont want to... i know what its like to loose sombody u care about :/


Ratz :)

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