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Idea on the Hunter.


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I think it would be nice if the guns worked on the hunter, except for the noobs that would spray it - what if the Hunter is parked on a roof higher than a regular chopper would go, and to get to it there will be a hole in the side of a building where you need a chopper to get to - then you jump out of the chopper and if your lucky, you will make it. There is then some stairs you climb and the hunter is on the roof. Perhaps make it so the hunter doesn't always spawn?

Just an idea. Any good?

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Yeah, plus it's exceedingly difficult trying to manuever the hunter with the keyboard while firing from the air at evasive ground targets. Even stationary vehicles can be a bitch to destroy without having to be near the ground.

This is where the PS2 definitely has an advantage, the controller.

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they should make hunter stronger, because I kept shooting with the guns on it and missiles, and the freaking guy wouldn't die, I kept shooting but he never died, same with his vehicle

thats because we haven't synced the weapons for the hunter yet

Maybe for 0.3 u can have the hunter shoot at a downward angle, that way it won't be so difficult to move into position to fire.

And also, if u can, please speed up the view shift when you rotate the hunter. It's frustrating having to wait through that delay. When i turn the hunter i want to see the front view immediately.

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