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ip address bans...


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these are IMPOSIBLE to enforce...

im on cable and i can get a new ip adress and subnet mask VERY QUICKLY, and if u want a new computer name.. while thats pretty damn easy to. and dial up users get a new one generally every time they reconect(not sure about dsl i think its the same setup) Is there ANY way that u guys have thought of to enforce cheater bans without using ip's? because those ip's are passed around, so lets imagine that someone on my same isp cheated and got banned from the official servers, then if i get that ip i have to wait for my router to register me a new one....

basicaly what im asking is this...

is there ANY way to ban cheaters without the use of ip's?

or maybe they are already tracked every time they change ip's.. im not a networking master so i dont know, but i would really like ur input on this

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we could always set up something like "won" like vavle did and give everyone a sort of MTA id.. mind you, that'd take like a server :)

Take like a server. :P .

Sounds like a good idea to me. :)

does that mean your volunteering yours rob :wink:

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