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VCK/VCA/SM/VCP ... Bring it


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no absolutely not...

you guys, we are having problems setting up one match, can u imagine if we decided to try and find out where everyone lives... it WOULD BE CHAOS. just take the time we have now... lets stretch this thing out over 3-4 weeks, and lets play. i dont know about u guys, but if we started asking everyone where they live what time they work can u be here at this hour if u live here and be here at this hour if u live here, either a. this thread is gonna get spammed more than it already is, or b. most of the clans aren't gonna be able to come up with 2 teams of 7 to fight. so just stick with one time and well go from there. besides, i want to fight all the clans not just the ones that live in my time zone. i think that the time u proposed dealer is working for 7 members in our clan already so leave it alone

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he wasnt saying change the time or play seperate games, what he meant was play on an american server this week and a european 1 next week, which is a gd idea.

so we just going to have 1 round 2moro, and the rest over the following weeks, or play 1 clan 3 rounds, and winners play next week :?:

all my clan are fine with the time as well, no plans to change it.

:!: also server still an issue

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i was thinking more along the lines of we do a 3 week tournament where u play 1 team a week something like this

week1- sm vs vca

vcp vc vck

week2 vcp vs sm

vck vs vca

week3- sm vs vck

vca vs vcp

i mean come on guys weve got time why rush this thing??? lets do 1v1 per week and do a lot of matches with those two clans that way whichever clan wins didn't just "get lucky" or whatever lets make sure that the winners deserved to win ;-)

but of course i do realize that some of u want to do something besides play 1 clan a week(since that could get a little slow) so maybe we would do a ongoing tournament with a winners bracket to compete for 1st and 2nd and a losers bracket to compete for 3rd and 4th.

these are just some posibilities to get u guys thinking and are not meant to be options.. but maybe they could be... :P

-now about the server-

i made some changes to my server and it has been alot more stable, although not 100% stable since if someone joins after about 30mins of gameplay then it tends to create a posibility that it will crash the server.

i have been informed that it crashes in those circumstances because of a bug in mta that prevents u from running a serv and playing at the same time with a large number of people.

so i would prefer to use a official server, but should it be needed my server is volunteered since i will definently be there, i just need to know what time it is on the west coast of the us so that i know what time to expect because im to stupid to find out for myself 8) but as i say, if you agree to have a server that u realize has the possibility of crashing when someone joins after 1/2 hour of gameplay or so then absolutely my server is available... or maybe the server expansion pack will be out by then who knows

-bottom line is this- we have a server

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i just got news on a server for saturday from vipa- specs are as follows

4-0c3 linked connections, p4 3.1 ghz, 512 mb hyper x 3200 ram, 2 raid 60gb hard drives

if ANYONE feels they can beat that then try, but otherwise his server is our playground :wink:

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yo dealer, thats fine, but i suggest best of 5

so far our line up is looking like this to my knowledge

SM DeathB

SM Goat

SM Gforce

SM Boss

SM xenex

SM Jacknife

SM Vipa

SM SatanLvsU2

we have 8, can u guys get 8? because it would be nice to include all of our members

as far as the server goes so far it looks like its gonna work outi posted vipas specs up top

-edit- could someone post what time it is around the world? like for example

gmt -

us west coast-

us east coast-


that sorta thing cuz im to stupid to use the converter ;-)

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wud be the only way round it without another clan. could do with another server as well to have 2 concurrent games

after the match has started if any of ur team crashes within 2mins, they can rejoin the game. This wasnt my idea if u go thru the pages ppl didnt like my rule which was "if you crash tough shit*.


0000 GMT

1800 EST

1700 Pacific Time (LA)

1900 CST (Chicago)

ppl in europe aint to stupid to work out there own times :)

p.s nice to see u got rid of that "....lol j/k " from ur sig :twisted:

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Hmm, i was one of the peple who didnt aprove of the 'if you crash tough' rule, i cant say i like the 2 minutes rule either. Who crashes in the first 2 minutes? i certainly never have. To me a win when the opposition loses people to crashes is not a win, a loss when my team loses people to crashes is not a loss.

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Today I was thinking of some simple rules to the Tourney that may help the Tournament run a little more smoothly. Here are some simple steps to make everything fair for all the gangs.

Step 1: All battles should be 5 rounds to avoid fluke wins. Each team can only have 7 members.

Step 2: All battles should be a hold Mansion or other building. This will help speed up rounds rather than having everyone run around the city. The mansion is good because there a some health pickups in the area so people don't have to run all over the place to get health.

Step 3: One chosen gang member from each gang should have a duel-off. The winner of the duel-off gets to pick if they want to attack or defend building. They also get first dibs of what team they want to play as. I think the Mexican's should not be allowed since to me they seem a little overpowered.

Step 4: After that is decided the attacking team has around 5 mins to prepare their attacking strategy that they should talk about prior to the tourney.

Step 5: During the match if a person dies they are out for the round. If they come back and try to pull a fast one, then the gang they are associated w/ automatically loses that round and the member who broke that rule is kicked from the match. Think of it as a powerplay.

Step 6: No whinning. If you die you die, plain and simple. There are 4 more rounds hopefully where you can make a comeback. If you keep dying without killing anyone than you probably shouldn't be in the tournament.

Even though I can't make it to the tournament I hope that these suggestions may help it run more smoothly rather than a run around the whole city kill fest. :D:D:D

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i dont know about u guys, but i like his sugestions A LOT. i think that we should diversify the rounds a little bit though... u know instead of holding the building every round one round ur allowed to go wherever the hell u want... stuff like that. cuz some of us dont like being confined killers, i personally enjoy watching my target try to run from me... heh heh its always fun to watch. so yes there should be a hold the whatever type building in, but there should also be other game modes.

one thought that i had, was that each gang took turns alternating what kind of round they wanted this to be, with the player who won that initial duel off, being the one who goes first and selects 3 times.

as far as mexicans go though... yes they should be allowed. u could complain about their m60, but then ud have to complain about shotgun spammers and the weapons the sailers and renegades have that take away 43 health in one hit, all the classes were created equally, and no one is stopping you from being a mexican ;-) so if u think theyre overpowered then choose em

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How bout this then:

The team that wins the initial say coin toss 1v1 round, chooses what type of game it will be. Then after that the team that wins the round get to agree on a game type for the next round. Or, it can be the opposite where the winners give the losers a break and let them choose the game type. Just a thought. :D

The reason I suggested hold building game type is because it is quicker that way between rounds. All though it may be fun for you to chase someone around the city, which I agree is fun. you have to respect the people that are dead wanting to get back in the game and not waiting through 30 min long rounds. That's why I suggesting full frontal assault rounds, after all it is gang warfare. Also full frontal assault missions make great screenshots.

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well if we keep the rules as they stand for this tourney and can change them for next week if needed, i do agree with allowing all the players to pick any gang they like and then joining with the rest of clan before th battle.

so VCK vs VCS on server 1

while SM vs VCA is played on server 2

then SM vs VCK on server 1

and VCA vs VCP on server 2

server 1 could be a european host

server 2 american host

we could do with the gang leaders being able to chat as well without having to keep posting on here before the battle.

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Channel #gangwar has been registered ready for this kind of thing, so lets use that for prematch details.

I think that true to the feel of gta each gang should be free to do whatever they wish once the GO GO GO is sounded, either hold position, attack enemy position, cruise to somewhere where an ambush can be sprung etc. Freedom, lets keep it.

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There is also a possible problem with gang tags, [VCP] [VCA] [VCK] [VCS] all being so similar, i suggest one gang per match uses ether


or perhaps -VCP-Name etc to avoid confusion

as for servers you arrangd this minileague so i presumed you had servers sorted?

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Ok, the 5 leaders and some gang members have talked it through and the final details are as follows.


: The competition will be league based, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. This means each gang will take part in 5 initial matches, at the end of this round points will be totalled, the gang with the most points wins the tournament. If 2 or more gangs share the top spot there will follow a round of deciders to be played as a knockout. The gang remaining after this is the winner.


: 7 v 7

: 3 rounds

: last man (men) standing (once dead players to keep away from battle area(s)

: players free to spawn as whatever career and meet up at gangs assigned 'base'

: On GO gangs are free to do whatever, rush, hold, scatter, ambush, etc

: tags to be significantly different, one '[VCA]name', other 'name[VCS]' or '-=VCS=-name'.


: Any player(s) who crash must disconnect from the server, close mtaclient.exe (to reduce chances of a further crash), reconnect to server, spawn, then IMMIDIATELY proceeed to the area of the battle. ANY player seen to deviate on the way for weapon pickups will be disqualified from that and all further matches, meaning that gang must continue in the competition with only 6 players.

Matches to begin at 11pm GMT (work out your own timezone;) )

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