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I noticed something, ive got the POS GTAt installed, which never worked, but its modded the main.scm, and now the stunt course on the beach is there for MTA.

I was able to go on the island and drive around, but my friend couldnt see it. i was floating in air to him, so i got him to enter as passenger and ride wit me, he saw the car flying in mid air above the ocean.

Now i havnt had any problems with crashing, but if mods are able to work in mta, couldnt this end up to some cheating abilities? like i could go onto the island and then noone without mod could come get me, or someone could mod vc for their likings, go places others cant and be invincible.

this needs to be looked into.

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thats not what i was refering to trx, i was meaning cheating.

i was able to go out above the ocean, where noone else could go.

if someone else makes a special mod, they could easily say open the gates to braxter and take down all the fences or make strait ramps to there, and be able to do things noone else can

and madboy, your prolly thinking of handling mods and such, it seems map mods work. i guess im gonna have to reinstall vc to get rid of it... .o r jus leave it lol

strange thing is, i backed up my main.scm before installing gtat, and im using my backup at least i know of. whys it still there....

did the original mta add this and im now just noticing it or something? cuz i know ive never modded vc, just gta3

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u get me wrong iamaspammer..

i didnt mod it, GTAt did, it said in the info ("Backup your main.scm file")

it said nothing bout anymore files.. so thats all i backed up. Can anyone tell me how to remove it?

it's probably easiest to just re-install VC, but there are some .dat files in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\maps that you may be able to edit.

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OK, you are all wrong, hahah. Just Kidding

The additional (map)models you see were installed by the GTAT mod. Not by MTA:VC 0.2. They have nothing to do with the mta.scm/main.scm, since that file doesn't hold the map data (although it IS possible to add models via scm, it is not the correct procedure). The actual map data is stored in the *.ipl files, and these files use models which are packed into the gta3.img, which you need an extractor for to edit. Also, it is possible some *.col files were added or edited to enable collision for those new models. Obviously, GTAT has pretty much installed/changed more to the game than they tell you in the documents. Although you have not experienced problems with it, I recommend to install a clean version of GTA Vice City, because removing this manually or letting a programm loose on it to uninstall the modifications might severely damage your current installation.

As to your point in making changes to the maps in order to cheat, they are noted, and will be processed by the team.

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ok thx trx, that was the point of this post..

But i guess i gotta reinstall, lol takes so long and im an impatient person :P ... is why i wanted to do it manually..

But it isnt causing me any problems, so i might jus leave it there. doesnt seem to crash server either, ppl jus see me floating in air ,and if they enter as passenger i can drive them onto it but my cars floating to them haha

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The file that holds map info isn't in main.scm... it's somewhere else.

I think there's a text file that joins all the parts of the map together, and the actual maps are their own files.

The map data are in the .ipl files, however if you want to easily "uninstall" a map mod, without actually deleting anything,

open the file gta_vc.dat in the data directory with notepad.

You'll see references to the maps (.ipl).

If somewhere at the bottom you see something saying:

IPL DATA\MAPS\newmap\thisisamapmod.IPL

Just delete the line and the map wont be there.

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