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Custom skin replacement

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Hi, I want to replace some skins with some custom skin in my server but what I need to know is, can I can replace alot of them using one meta.xml and main.lua? And what structure would it look like or do I have to do each skin seperately? I downloaded the Cleo skin selection mod and it uses skin.img but I heard I can't install Cleo mods so thats why Im asking. Im trying to replace all skins to custom skins. I read the scripting tutorial in the wiki mtasa page so I kinda get the just of it. So do I have to make a zip file with all the txds, dffs, the meta.xml and the main.lua? If its possible how do I set it to server and client for each skin in one meta.xml so everyone sees them?

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Does that seem like alot of work? So do I use the engineReplaceModel example like a vehicle correct? and then add all the txds and dffs for all the character skins in the zip along with the meta.xml? Then I have to find out their model IDs in the game or atleast find out how many skins are available to be replaced and then add them in the xml. What I don't know how to do is the format to add mutiple entries of replace skins. I have the example but it doesn't show an exaple for mutiple entries.

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In the meta.xml you have to add EACH file, else the script won't load them.

I suggest you using a table to load all the skins in just some lines.


-- script.lua:

local skins = {{fileName="skin1", skinID=46}, {fileName="skin2", skinID=53}} 
function load() 
        for index, skin in pairs(skins) do 
            txd = engineLoadTXD ( skin.fileName .. ".txd" ) 
            engineImportTXD ( txd, skin.skinID ) 
            dff = engineLoadDFF ( skin.fileName .. ".dff", 0 ) 
            engineReplaceModel ( dff, skin.skinID ) 
    function () 
        local version = getVersion() 
        if string.find(version.mta, "1.1.1") then 
            setTimer ( load, 1000, 1) 

-- meta.xml:


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Thanks thats alot of help. Im gonna try it. Do you happen to know how many skins come in a server, that way I can know how many txds and dffs to stick in the zip file and so I can know what number skin # to stop at?

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Theres 153 skins in the skin.img so Im only going to try to do only one first. Its my first time. I was following the tutorial but I can't find the script.lua. I checked in the server/mods/deathmatch/resources/ but its not in there, am I suppose to make a file called script.lua? Do you know of any good tutorials for doing this and is possible to install mods in a server with SAMI? Its my first time and I really don't know what Im doing, Im familiar with file types and opening, and editing txds and dffs but I've never replaced a skin in MTA before.

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