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Disconnected: Client Disconnected. (Delay = 10 sec)

Guest CiscoKid

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Hi everyone.

I've already searched the forum for this topic but still can't seem to resolve this problem.

Since upgrading to version 0.2 on Sunday. I've began to get disconnected from servers rather a lot. Is this a bug in general or is whoever's running the server disconnecting me?

Does anyone know what's happening here or can tell me how to resolve the problem?


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Hi Guys.

My connection speed is Broadband (512 kb/sec).

I live in the UK and only join UK servers. In fact I normally only usually join the server with the lowest ping at the top of the list in ASE. The ping of the server I normally join is around 35-40.

This never happened in the old client. I wonder why it's happening now? Surely I'm able to join servers without being blanked with my connection type and locality in relation to the servers I join? I usually get on them ok. It's staying on them that seems to be the problem. It surely must be a gliche.

Operating System - Windows XP.

Processor - 800Mhz Intel Celeron.

Graphics Card - NVIDIA GForce MX 100/200.

Connection - Broadband (512 kb/sec).

Thanks for the replies.


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You know I've been having disconnection problems too. I get disconnected after 5 minutes of playing. This is what I have.

Windows XP, Pentium III 500 MHZ, GeForce 4 64mb, 384 MB of RAM, DSL.

My processor could be the problem here. lol. But I found it weird since it never disconnected me in the V.1

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Hi Guys.

Yep. You're dead right. My processor sucks compared to what a lot of people use nowadays. I may opt for a pentium IIII shortly. I forgot to mention that I use 256 MB memory. I may also double this.

Anyway. I'm gonna wait until a friend tests his out and see how he gets on. If he gets on ok in the same area with the same connection but with 512 MB memory and a Pentuim IIII and doesn't get connected, I'll accept that it's my memory and processor that's showing me up on the servers in question.

Do you all think that this could be the problem?


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Hi tjaisv.

I'm only using a firewall: Norton Personal Firewall 2002 set at Medium. However, if you have a broadband connection. A firewall is a must as it's a lot easier to hack a 512kb user than it is to hack a 56kb user. So I'm a bit wary of disabling my firewall whilst playing Vice City.

I wonder if the MTA team know anything about it?

Thankyou for all your replies.


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I have the same problem, but I have disabled my firewall for testing only for this, and I have no router. My system specs:

P4 3066Mhz, 1024MB pc2100 DDR RAM, 512kbps broadband, XP Pro SP1, ATI AIW Radeon 9800Pro.

Its safe to say that my system is not the problem, but a bug in the software and the game is a clean install with the purchased play CD in the drive. It always times out saying disconnected from server after seconds from entering a game.

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I must also say that using the version 0.1 i had NEVER been disconnected but since 0.2 i probably get disconnected once an hour but i believe this to be a problem with the server side ... it is a little frustrating though when you combine this with the usual unhandled exception errors that happen also approx once every hour ... these events are not in sync and are completely random :?

I have a good spec computer and a fast cable connection .... but there again i have been having alot more bugs appear with the 0.2 version

edit*ps no i am not using win98 lol :D

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Yes i am using a Router and I get High Pings (30000+) and My Connection is Shared 3 Mbit Connection and Disconnects from Server like ever 2 Mins....Irritating....So how do i Resolve My Problem if i have a Router?

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Whats a DMZ?

and where to Download....

Computer Specs

AMD Athlon 900Mhz

512 SDRam

Nvidia TnT 2 Pro Graphics with 64 MB mem

40 Gb Hard disk with 27gigs free Space

Using Windows 98SE

I know my Com is Kinda Crappy BUt i have a Shared 3 MBit Connection

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I'm curious here, a lot of people seem to be being disconnected with fast connections, however i have played quite a few times, and never once been disconnected unless i got disconnected by my isp or i clicked disconnect by accident, could it be that the connectiosn are too fast? sounds crazy but prahaps its sending out data to fast or something?

*shrugs* and i doubt its your processor but you never know, but its worked fine with me with

PIII800 256mb PC800

56k ;) software modem at that


as u can see my specs arnt' amazing, but only people with fast connections have had the disconnection problem? also in game i recive stupid insane ping numbers, like 9999, 72467, -300 etc, but seems to work fine

now and then my computer overheats playing gta, as i have a cheap coolmaster heatsink which in all fairness i'm never gonna buy one again, my default intel one kept it so much cooler, but the fan broke :(

Oh and if anyone is using an Intel chipset motherboard (this doesn't mean if you have an intel cpu you have an intel chipset) and sometimes feel gta is slow at loading, download the Intel Application Accelerator, doesn't seem to make much difference in XP haven't tried 9x, but in 2000 it speeds up the harddrive greatly, causing gta to be much smoother loading :)

Also i've noticed MTA works fine with BlackICE firewall :)


About that delay thing, could you make it so if you type in a new server the delay gets reset, because it is a bit annoying trying different servers and you haveto wait 10 seconds between each one, for the same server i think its understandable and a good idea tho :)

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ok... i have found the root of ALL of your disconnecting problems...

this is what i have found so far and no1 has EVER contradicted me as of yet

MTA:VC 0.2 DOES NOT work with Win9x based kernels!

Thats includes Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, and yes, im sorry, but even Windows 3.11 wont work.

you need 2k or XP to play MTA:VC v0.2

if im wrong, prove it

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I am on winxp and I have the disconnecting problem.

Whenever a join a server by the time it finishes loading after I click "start multi theft auto" in the game it comes up with disconnected from server in yellow text up the top left of my screen. I have tryed to join alot of servers all with decent pings and it still happens on them all.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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I'm also getting this Disconnected from Server 10-sec delay. I already tried doing full clean of VC but still get this error.


1.0GHZ P3


Win Me

ATi Radeon 8500 128mb

Cable Internet



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