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experienced players learning server


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hmm i have an idea...

why doesnt someone make a server where what you do there is learn tricks from one another... because vice city is so freeform that im sure that we all have more ways to kill someone than just point and shoot for example... i would really like to see a server(maybe i should start it) or something where the experienced players get together and learn from one another that way we can all become better. If anyone is interested in this concept then reply and let me know what you think... because none of us is the "master" of every trick in the book, and it would be nice to see what some of the tricks and tips are that you guys would come up with... just a thought from an extremely bored person... and just to reinterate, this would be a server not a gang just a server where u get together to learn from one another the tricks that you have come up with as far as efficient ways to kill, ways to pull off that 1080 off of very limited air just things like that. u know a server to show off what you have learned.

again this is a thought from a very bored person whos sitting through class at itt and i just wanted to know what u guys thought

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quote/ id be down with that deathB /quote

kool ill have to set up a server maybe tonight some time, and anyone who wants the password can just post in this forum and ill give it to u...

-or else u can find me on mirq

talk to you later... after school a.k.a. naptime is over

-edit- i know that vca is a training gang, im talking about a server for experienced players to meet and train.

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