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For future versions...time of day selection

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I remember my fondest memory of gta3...getting past portland for the first time one night, and finally reaching staunton island. I remember marveling over the SUV, the limo, the cartel cars...oh, and most importantly, the new guns... All of it happened during the nighttime (in game) and it made everything look so much cooler... The moon was out, the streets were darkened and vacant. Getting more to the point, back on gta3mods a while back there was a mod for selecting the daytime in game, as on some systems daylight slows down gameplay (I just think multiplayer games mid evening to late night in game would be cooler). Are there any plans to implement a "time of day selector" into MTA? If noone is coding it, perhaps I could help, I have moderate experience with scm coding.

anyway, cheers on a cool mod :)

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that is definately a good idea. there is a mod out right now that sets the light according to the time of day.. so they set 12:00am light to all times of day.. so no matter the time, it will be day. they did the say thing for night. so mta would just have to replace a file for all day\all night. also weather would be cool as well. try racing in deep fog.. or CTC in fog. or perhaps DM in rain. ect.

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