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Finally, a MTA:VC 0.2 vehicle map!


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Ok, here's a vehicle map that I whipped up this afternoon. It's got all the vehicles and helicopters I could find, but I've probably missed a few. If you find any vehicle not on the map, please e-mail me at wild@d2.net.au and I'll fix it up. :)

Oh and sorry about the huge res, it didn't scale very nicely.


I'll update whenever I find problems. Enjoy

(edit: whoops, had spaces in the filename :oops:)

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Just noticed a few more:

There is a van or something INSIDE the construction site. There is a black Maverick on top of the Robber gang house in prawn island. I know theres some more missing but I can't think of any more..

Btw, no problem man.

Edit: I just remembered there is a black Faggio on the east island somewhere between the Alleys. By the police station, I think. The one you list shows its on the main strip.

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Coulda sworn there was another car at the robber spawn but I couldn't find it. I'll have a better look. Thanks for pointing out that car in the construction site too, I don't think that was on the car radar blips.

The chopper is on top, go up the stairs and on the left there is a big ass hole in the wall. Climb a few more stairs and you got yourself a nice chopper. =)

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is there a sparrow in this version, i never flied that one before.

Nah, I tried looking for it, but it appears to have been replaced with the Maverick on top of the robber spawn.

Can you make one for the weapons too?

We'll see - weapons are harder tho, because I can't go around using the radar blip key for weapons. :)

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