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I love football :D, we're the best spanish supporters, at least LFP recognised us as the best, 'la mareona', over 8.000 sporting de gijón supporters in La Coruña at the 8th match of the year, at 2010/2011 season, last year we did some other big movements like 2000 at Madrid or 3000 at Santander. Also, this year we were about 3000 at Zaragoza. Talking about football, our team is a shit since we've got David Barral as DC (delantero centro, the one who tries to score) Personally I think that the best players we've got now are Miguel de las Cuevas, Nacho Cases, Andre Castro and a hero in Scotland, Nacho Novo, but our coach head doesn't work fine so he's putting him to play in a wind, huh.

Well, sorry if you didn't understand some parts, I don't know how to say 'afición' or 'delantero centro' in english, but I hope you can understand the 90% of the text :P

Some videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMH5ReRCjOY -> la coruña 2010

-> real madrid 0 sporting 1, suck this mou xD

i will add more in a while

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Very good! in (my lost game) FIFA 10 I was beating China selection with my local team that (it was in first :( ) is in second-division leage xD

OK My team bought a player form Atlético de Bilbao soccer club and thanks to he we're in first classification (to ascend). Here goes their debut and 2 goals from he in my team:

We love he so much <3 xD

diegofkda, i never saw you supporting colo-colo :/

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That you don't ever say nothing in the forums.

This sunday the Alicante derby! Hercules - Elche. Elche CF are a very ultra-style team. Last journey, when their team losed the play-offs for 1st Division, look what happened:


(minute 2:00): That salvage launched me a rock, A ROCK!, says that guy Do you tink that that is normal?

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But it's an important notice the Universidad de Chile's thing. I didn't post that because I was celebrating with my friends instead see everything I would miss on the PC. After that, I forgot to post it here :lol:.

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