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[DD] GMC Maps


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There are some old and very popular DD maps from GMC DD Server and some old not existing Servers.


tags: Cross, Wankenstein, Zaya Training

Most of the maps in pack are CW-type, so you can train your Team's DD skills.

The others are for 'Single playing' (all vs all) or 'for FUN'.

Good luck in Destruction Derby!


You can play much more nice DD maps on our server:

|GMC| :: Hard Cross :: Destruction Derby

>>> Information <<<

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I heard that some imbecile ([Co1F]EDOS) is trading these free-download GMC maps for scripts.

I also saw how this idiot is sharing or trading the resources from community with changed original author to himself. Be careful, in MTA there are a lot of deceivers (especially the ones who call themselves as "scripters").

P.S. you can download the same archive from there: http://www.gmc-game.com/downloads.html

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