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Cant launch gtavc.exe !


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Ok that error typically means you dont have ALL the orginal VC files installed. But you said u reinstalled everything, so i don't know what the problem is then.

Was MTA installed into its own directory? You should see a folder C:\Program Files\MTA

And during the installation of MTA when it asked u to select the GTA:VC folder did u make sure and point it to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA VC\gta-vc.exe ?

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You may want to completely uninstall MTA and GTA:VC, removing the entire directory structure and all files.

Then reinstall GTA:VC, then MTA ... all should work fine. If you reinstall overtop of what you have, certain files may not be replaced.

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I got the same problem (the CRC check failure).

So I deleted the mta.ini as well as Vice City. Then I reinstalled the whole game and did not change ANY file (and no update either). I deleted the MTA directory, copied the new MTA files into it again, hit the start game button and got the same error message.

CRC check seems to be wrong somehow because it fails even with a clean version.

You should think about releasing a hotfix to disable CRC (or leave the choice to the user whether to use it or not) until you identified the problem.

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here is the solution for me you have certainly downloaded the 0.2 client as a zip archive it is bugged !!! that's whyt kept getting this stupid crc error all the time download the client as exe file and it will be fine

SO for the mta team please remove all the mirror for the zip file as it creates problems

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Mine Said That All The Time I Re-Installed Mine Like 20 Times (4 to be exact) and it still said! so i got one of my friends to come over and help me with it and he brought over some "secret" program and deleted that message! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT IT CALLED? I Think I Can Run MTA:VC 0.2 Modded now, i dont know yet i havent tried :)

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