[REL] ModLoader 1.0 - Loads any mod without scripting!

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Tired of editing meta.xml, editing your script, and looking up whatever modelID? Not even mentioned handling changes?

Here's the perfect solution!


Never having to edit meta.xml, never being too lazy to add new mods, no problems with custom handing, and working vehicle collisions. That's exactly what this resource does for you. It works simple, it checks your folder to see if it contains any new mod, and if it does the script will automatically add it to the meta.xml and restart the resource. And it doesn't stay with that! It also loads any custom handling to your vehicle and even loads vehicle collisions successfully! Isn't that great? :D


First of all, this resource needs access to the restartResource function in order to work properly! You can simply add is as admin to the ACL. I don't know what is the minimum level to restart a resource lol

Also, it's highly reccomended to change the resource name! If two servers use this resource, and you play on both, you will have to download the resource everytime you join the other server. So, this is easier for players, and saves you bandwidth usage.

If you don't change the name, you will get notified anyway :P

How does it work? Well simple. Just get a mod from any website, for example

Make sure all the files you place are lowercase, and thus not UPPERCASE! If not, ModLoader won't catch your mods.

Also, make sure the file-extenstion is lowercase too.

To install a mod:


Place the DFF and TXD in the "vehicles" folder.

Also, in the mod you downloaded you might have a readme.txt containing a custom handling line.

To install that handling:

Create a new file, with the same name as your DFF and TXD, and .hnd as extension.

So, for example, if you're adding a new infernus, call this file "infernus.hnd".

Now open this file with notepad or any other text editor, place the handling line in it, and save it. Done! :D

Note that custom collisions are DISABLED by default!

To enable them, open replacer_c.lua and change allowCollisions to true. The reason why it's disabled is due instability problems. Vehicles that need a custom collision, need to be replaced again when there's a vehicle of that model streamed in. So, what I'm doing is creating that vehicle and then replace it. 1 - 5 custom vehicles shouldn't give a big problem, but imagine what happens when you have replaced every single vehicle of the game. Yeah, that won't work.. I'm looking into a way to fix this though.

Important note

Since version 1.0.3, ModLoader takes a little more time to load collisions. It can load 10 collisions consecutive with an interval of 300 MS.This means, if you have all 212 vehicles replaced, it will take a minute to load them all but it's almost guaranteed you won't crash.You can load more vehicles consecutive by changing "maxVehicles" in replacer_c.lua, but I do not recommend this.

The reason I made it like this is to replace vehicles more stable. I've been experiencing crashes when there are too many vehicles replaced at a single time.

Skins and weapons

Simply place the DFF and TXD in the "skins" or "weapons" folder, depending what you want to replace. Note that special skins can't be replaced!

Also, I've included an option to delete mods since 1.0.1. It works simple with this command:

mdel [moddir] [modname]

So, if you want to delete the vehiclemod infernus for example, the command is "mdel vehicles infernus". This deletes the TXD, DFF and the optional HND file.

Besides, if you want to CLEAR the complete mod directory use the command:

mclear [moddir]

So, if you want to clear all vehicle mods, use "mdel vehicles".

And ofcourse, ingame you use a slash ( '/' ) in front of a command :P



Yes, all cool and stuff but there's coming more! For the next version I'm adding weapondata support. Yes, that's right! Cazomino05 is currently working on functions to change weapon data, so this will be included in the next version.

Also, if MTA ever gets fileScanDir i'm going to do map-support. So, full new map mods that fully work! But, as there are litterally THOUSANDS of objects that can be replaced ( unlike the rest, peds+weapons+vehicles hardly reach 700 ) I really need a fileScanDir function to make that working.

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how hard can it be lol

Anyways, thanx :) I realised a delete option should be there too, so I will do this within a day as it might have a high priority. Also, I will do a resource name change enforcement as otherwise you will have to download the mods over and over again when visiting different servers using modloader.

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A great resource, another resource from Remi-X' server has graduated from line 0 to epicness :)

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New version!

You can now delete saved stuff too, read the readme to see how. Don't have the time to update the topicpost now :P

Also, added a rights check for restartResource and made meta.xml saving more stable.

And, another new version lol, just added a resource name change notifier.

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Did you actually place the DFF and TXD itself into the folder, and not that RAR file you downloaded? And are you sure your filenames are completely lowercase?

Also, what does thr bebug say? And are you using MTA 1.1.1? Because weapons don't work on older versions iirc.

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my mta - 1.1.1 last standart version

my gta_sa - 1.0 us

my modloader resource named - "_modloader" and unzipped

I was testing their weapons in the GTA - San Andreas (gta3.img) - my models works fine, without bugs

replaced weapons in my maploader - flowera, gun_cane, gun_dildo1, gun_dildo2, gun_vibe1, katana

my problem katana works only; if i choice flowera, gun_cane, gun_dildo1, gun_dildo2 or gun_vibe1 - game crash :(

please fix that bug with flowera, gun_cane, gun_dildo1, gun_dildo2 or gun_vibe1

advance thanks

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I don't think he will give support for all modifications, eliminate the exact one that crashes you.

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Exactly, I feel like that too >_> Did you try vehicles already? I think there is actually a bug in ModLoader for weapons and peds then.

Also, once again, do you get any debug messages from ModLoader?

EDIT: Wait, crash you said? That sounds more like a MTA bug. Could you try other weapons, such as a M4 or any other gun?

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brassknuckles -???

basebal -works

golf -works

katana -works

knife -works

shovel -works

all grenades -works

all pistols -works

all shotguns -works

all sub-machine guns -works

all machine guns -works

all rifles -works

all heavy -works

ir/nv googles, parachute -???

flowera, gun_cane, gun_dildo1, gun_dildo2, gun_vibe1 -not works

gun_vibe2 -not use in mta

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Hey, I tested your resource but there's a problem through.

I put 2 files named securicar.dff and securicar.txd in the vehicles folder, and when I start the resource, it saw in the debugscript that no mod were loaded, I didn't have any download.

However, restartResource is set on true in the ACL.

I don't get it :/

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Did you download it as securicar.dff and txd? As modloader is checking for "securica". I might have made a flaw there. I used the same table to iterate vehicles as in hedit, so the model intefier might be different from the model files for the securicar. Didn't expect that.

I'll fix this friday or saturday, in the meanwhile you can do one of the following:

- Change your filenames from "securicar" to "securica" and change it back on the next version of modloader.

- Or, lookup data.lua, search for "securica" and add the "r".

Sorry for these flaws, but I can't simply test all 500 models that are supported to see which work and which don't.

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Okay, I'm home now and looked some stuff up.

 428, securica, securica, car, SECURICA, SECURI, van, big, 4, 0, 3f10, -1, 0.914, 0.914, -1 

That's a piece of vehicles.ide. First parameter is the vehicle ID, second and third the DFF and TXD name. As you see, your filename was incorrect.

Also, I've made collision loading way more stable. It takes a lot more time to load too, unfortunately. But, this is the only fair way to successfully load vehicle collisions without crashes.

Currently, it can replace 10 collisions consecutive with a delay of 300 MS. This means, if you have all 212 vehicles replaced, it will take a minute to load them all but it's almost guaranteed you won't crash. You can load more vehicles consecutive by changing "maxVehicles" in replacer_c.lua, but I do not recommend this.

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